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W-Oak Barrel Cider Soap

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An abundance of fruits and spices add pizazz to the fragrance of this soap. Top notes of tart apples and strawberries blends well with a swirl of cinnamon and allspice at the heart, completed with violet, powder and vanilla base notes.

Ingredients: Vegetable shortening (palm oil, soybean oil, modified palm oil), distilled water, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, elaeis guineensis (palm) oil, sodium hydroxide,  parfum, , CI 77019, CI 77891, CI 77861, CI77492, CI77491.

Dirty hands? No need to explain yourself. Just follow these steps in case you need directions for using soap.
  1. Wet your hands with water (warm or cold, doesn’t matter).
  2. Apply soap and lather your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need lyrics to pass the time? An excerpt from Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" should do the trick. 
  3. Ponder. 
  4. Rinse.
  5. Dry.

Our soaps are great for in the shower too!

To extend the life of your handcrafted soap:

  • Don’t leave it submerged in water for too long
  • Store in a dry location away from stream of water
  • Allow soap to dry out between uses.  

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Storing Unused Soap - Place unused soap in a paper bag or cardboard box, in a dry location (ie not under the sink if there is condensation on pipes) for longer shelf life.