We are looking for some new employees to join our great team at Neski's. With seasonal, part-time, and full-time work available we have plenty of job opportunities that can fit into your goals. As a family owned company we are looking for people that would like to grow with the brand. We are always looking for new opportunities and ways of expanding our businesses.
As a potential employee, if you are ambitious, eager and take initiative, this company would be a perfect fit. We strive to set a work environment that is creative, passionate and fun. We understand the importance of having a proper work life balance so here at Neski's we encourage a fun attitude so that all of our employees enjoy coming in.
Right now, our two brands include The Lunchbox Food Trucks and The Lokal (Hub and Eatery and Vendors Market). We are currently looking to fill positions in both these locations with more job possibilities coming soon as our company expands. We are looking for energetic, hard workers that have good integrity and are passionate. Most importantly, we want people that would be a joy to work around and aren't afraid to have fun while providing great customer service.
At Neski's we have 6 core values that we follow to ensure that our work place runs smoothly, efficiently, and has a light hearted atmosphere so we can all have a good time. We want our staff to enjoy coming to work and have a passion for what they do.

1.      Drive Forward with Every Action

2.      We are a Family with an Attitude that Cares

3.      Have Fun

4.      Be Fearlessly Authentic

5.      Take Ownership and be Accountable

6.      Ensure Ultimate Customer Experience

We are a family with an attitude that cares, if you feel like this is a good work place for you please send your applications. We look forward to meeting you!