Lokal's Market: Apply Now!

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Attention business owners! This is your opportunity to show your talents, to brand yourself and showcase your products locally.  Not only will there be traffic from Lokal's Market, but also through the connected restaurant.  

We are committed to helping you grow your business and promoting you!  We will be featuring our Lokal Entrepreneurs on our Social Media and there will be special opportunities to showcase you with pop-ups if you are committed for a period of time. (determined with signed agreement).

How does it work?

This is retail space shelving that you rent. Show us your goods, and if we like what we see, then you will select a shelf size and space that best works for you.  Then come and set-up shop! You are responsible for keeping your shelving area stocked, and for pricing items you wish to market.  We highly encourage displaying business cards to promote who you are!! 

How long am I committed for? 

We operate on a month to month basis.   Once you are approved, and once you sign the agreement,  we will require a first and last month rent.  Should you like to continue, rent is due on the first day of the every month.

Should you change your mind, we do ask for written notice one month prior. For example, if you wish to remove your products for by May 31st, we ask for written notice no later than the last day of April.

Sales are recorded by The Lokal staff and are paid to you monthly.  We will retain a 10% commission on all sales each month.

Think you've got what we are looking for? Fill out the Inquiry/Application Form here and we will get back to you within the next 2 business days!